If you're using PagerDuty, we make it easy to link your incidents in PagerDuty to your incidents in FireHydrant. In this guide we'll learn how to do just that.

First, you'll need a PagerDuty API key, head to your PagerDuty dashboard, click "Configuration" and then "API Access". 

On the API Access page, click the "Create New API Key", enter in a description (We recommend "FireHydrant API Key").

After clicking, "Create Key", copy the API Key that gets generated for you, and head over to FireHydrant's integrations page

On the PagerDuty integration, click "Setup PagerDuty", and enter in the PagerDuty API key that was just generated.

Import or Link your PagerDuty Services

Once you've linked PagerDuty account, you can link your services in your account to FireHydrant. Head to https://help.firehydrant.io/installing-and-using-integrations/importing-from-pagerduty to learn how.

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