If your team uses Slack, we offer an integration to fully interact with our entire incident response platform letting your engineers stay in Slack and still have confidence that they aren't missing out on any of the automation that FireHydrant provides.

All you need to get started is an active Slack workspace. Head to FireHydrant's integrations page and click "Connect Your Workspace" and follow the link to install the Slack app onto your workspace. Ensure that in the top right corner of the Slack installation screen you have the correct workspace selected and then follow the Slack prompts. That's it! Now you'll be able to run any of the commands that the slack app uses.

Note: Additional users on your Slack workspace that try to use FireHydrant commands will be prompted to link their Slack account to their FireHydrant account using:

/firehydrant link

This is required for FireHydrant to associate the Slack user to the FireHydrant user.

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