If you've configured the PagerDuty integration on your FireHydrant organization, you now have the option to import services that exist in PagerDuty into FireHydrant link them together. When you link services in PagerDuty to FireHydrant, we'll automatically attach the service to your incidents when you select a PagerDuty incident to link. In this guide we'll go over how to import services and environments into FireHydrant from PagerDuty.

Importing Services

To create a service in FireHydrant from PagerDuty, head to the Services page under the inventory section of FireHydrant. From there, click "Link and Import". 

On this page, select "PagerDuty" from the source dropdown. Remember, you will need to configure PagerDuty for you organization for this option to appear. 

After you select PagerDuty, a loading icon will appear. FireHydrant will reach out to PagerDuty to load all of the services and make them available for import. This shouldn't take very long. If you experience problems here, though, check that your API key is correct for PagerDuty.

Once the options are loaded, you'll a checkbox next to the service you'd like to import. On the right, you'll also see a dropdown that allows you to link the service to a preexisting service in FireHydrant or create a new one.

Once you've selected the services you'd like to import. Click "Start Import". After a few seconds, you'll be brought to a results page that will list all of the newly created or linked services.


The same steps above can be applied for environments as well if you had PagerDuty services that should be linked to a FireHydrant environment. Head to the "Environments" link under the "Inventory" link and follow the same steps listed above.

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