In a fully integrated system, FireHydrant can start collecting many more change events than is efficient to manually sort through. FireHydrant's filtering capability already makes it easy to sort through changes and find exactly what you're looking for but with the addition of saved searches, you can now save all of the complex searches that you use on a consistent basis for faster discovery.

Creating a Saved Search

After filling out the filter form on the change event page click on the save search button and you'll be presented with a form field to name your search, fill that out and click save and you've created your first saved search!

Using a saved search

Once you've created a saved search you'll see that it populates the top select field with the name of your saved search.

From this top menu you can select from any of your prior saved searches and also search them by name. Selecting one will automatically populate the form fields and run the search for you.

Updating and Deleting a Saved Search

After you have selected a saved search, you can change any of the fields on the filter and either save the search as a new search or as a new search. You can also delete from the same context menu as updating a saved search.

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