Kicking off a new incident is both easy and incredibly easy on FireHydrant. There are two main methods to do this, through the UI and through our Slack integration. We will take a look at both of them here. 

Through the UI

To open a new incident on the UI navigate to the incidents tab and click on New

This will take you to a quick form to fill out to get the correct information associated to your incident. 

From here you only need to set Name, Degradation Condition, and Customer Impact. Once you click Create you will have kicked off your incident and the severity for it will be automatically set. If you know that this incident needs to have a specific severity set you can also manually set your severity. If you have PagerDuty integrated you can also link against active PagerDuty alerts to have your PagerDuty and FireHydrant incidents sync.

Through Slack

While you need to have a FireHydrant account to open an incident through the UI, when your organization has the slack integration set up anyone can kick off an incident through Slack. By typing /firehydrant new  anyone on the slack workspace can start a new incident. 

This form is purposefully lighter so that anyone in the organization feels comfortable kicking off a new incident that will have the severity automatically set for them. Gone are the days when someone marks a bug as a highly critical outage!

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