If you're using Jira Cloud (youcompany.atlassian.net), then you have the option to enable our Jira integration! FireHydrant will automatically send any incident you create to Jira on a board you configure. This means if you need to track the amount of incidents and want to do so from Jira itself, you can.

When you add action items to a post mortem in FireHydrant, we'll also send the action items to Jira as well. The issues created will automatically be linked to the incident ticket too. Keep reading to learn how to enable this awesome integration!

Configuring Jira in FireHydrant

Inside of FireHydrant, head to Organization -> Integrations page, displayed below.

From here, click "Connect your Jira Account". FireHydrant will redirect you to a page where you'll be asked to allow FireHydrant access to your Jira account.

Note: Make sure you are a user that has the appropriate privileges to create issues on Jira. You may want to use a separate account specifically for this integration incase the one authenticating it leaves your company.

Click "Accept" on this screen to allow FireHydrant access.

Configuring the default board, issue type, and issue links

FireHydrant needs to know where to create issues on Jira before this integration provides any value. To configure this, go back to the integration page of FireHydrant and click "Configure Integration" on the Jira panel.

For the Default project, select a project you'd like all issues to be created on for incidents and action items from FireHydrant. You may want to create a new project called "Incidents" for this.

Next, select the default issue type. FireHydrant will create all issues with the type you select here.

Finally, select the issue link type. This is the link type is used when creation action item issues in Jira, as we link them back to the original incident issue. This allows you to move action item tickets to their appropriate boards after a post mortem but still have the original incident still related.

That's It!

Whenever you create an incident or action item on FireHydrant, we'll automatically create them in Jira for you as well. This means you can keep track of all of the necessary post incident tasks in your Jira instance like you would with any other work that needs to be done!

Email support@firehydrant.io if you have any questions!

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