If you are using PagerDuty to handle scheduling for your on call, you probably want those schedules to translate to your incident response. With the PagerDuty integration for FireHydrant you can sync your schedules so that team assignments are always assigning your current on call rotation.

To install the PagerDuty integration please follow these instructions. After you have done that your schedules will automatically sync to FireHydrant.

After the integration is set up, you can start assigning your on call to roles. Head to the teams page and edit the team that you want to assign your on call to.

Now, along with the users from your FireHydrant organization you will also see your PagerDuty schedules. If you select this schedule to be assigned to that role and you assign this team, whoever is actively assigned on that PagerDuty schedule will also be assigned on FireHydrant.

There are two important things to note, FireHydrant gets user information by email so the PagerDuty and FireHydrant emails must match to sync correctly. Additionally, FireHydrant downloads the schedule data from PagerDuty so if you see that your schedule data is out of date go to the integrations page and click 'Refresh Data From PagerDuty' to resync your schedules

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