Runbooks are easy to follow during your incident response, steps are listed in order and everyone is kept up to date about who is working on a given step and when it's

Once a runbook is attached to an incident, automatically executable steps are processed immediately, allowing your engineers to focus on their responsibilities. Runbooks can be attached automatically by matching the severity assigned to an incident or a service, environment or functionality. 

This is a service runbook, attached automatically when the Apollo service was flagged as impacted by the incident. Steps can be executed by anyone on your team and everyone will be kept up to date as they're started and completed by other team members.

Runbooks can also be attached to incidents on demand. There may be runbooks that are rarely used when addressing outages for a given component but they're still important in certain circumstances. 

You can store these runbooks and use them only when necessary. Search for the runbook title and click Attach to incident.

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