FireHydrant can track all of your outstanding and completed tasks during an incident along with any follow-up tasks to ensure that all work is accounted. Additionally, it can sync these into Jira to ensure they're prioritized by your project management teams and ensure they're completed.

During an Incident

Action items can be created during an incident through Slack (/firehydrant add action-item ) and through our web application. This ensures that everyone can see what's outstanding and who is working on a given task. 

In the FireHydrant app click + to add a new action item and you'll see the following display.

You can also add action items during an incident without leaving Slack. /firehydrant add action-item will show a dialog in Slack allowing you to create the task and assign it to a specific person.

After an Incident

Incidents frequently lead to planned work to ensure that an incident is fully resolved and ideally not repeated. Sometimes these tasks get lost in the transition to a project management tool. FireHydrant lets you manage these tasks and ensure that each one is marked as completed. 

Sync to Jira

If you enable our Jira Cloud or Jira On-Premise integrations you can sync these tickets to Jira and updates will propagate bidirectionally. 

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