Welcome to FireHydrant! We’re really happy to be a part of your team to help both fight fires and decouple the anxiety that comes with fighting fires.

FireHydrant is a platform built by SREs to help manage your entire incident response and increase the resiliency of your systems, starting from when your team is first alerted to the moment you fully resolve an incident.

In this onboarding guide, we'll go over the basics (Beginner Series) of how to quickly set up FireHydrant to help manage your incident response process today. From there, we'll take a deeper (Intermediate and Advanced Series) dive into how that same process can be further enhanced.

To do this, we've broken up onboarding into 3 separate sections that you can peruse at your own leisure:

  1. Beginner Series (15 minutes to complete)
  2. Intermediate Series (10 minutes to complete)
  3. Advanced Series (5 minutes to complete)

By the end of this onboarding guide, you'll be able to:

  • Streamline your incident response process
  • Connect to your favorite tools
  • Keep tabs on your digital properties
  • Gain analytics and insights on incidents

Onboarding Kickoff

We'll kick off this onboarding by first connecting your Slack Workspace with FireHydrant!

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