Executing automation during your incident is one of the most powerful features of FireHydrant's incident response platform. By using Runbook conditions, you can leverage that automation to run when your incident is at a specific state. Let's take a look at how to set up conditions to enable automation at any point in your incident lifecycle.

To access conditions, you need to edit a specific runbook. You can do this by visiting your runbooks page and clicking on a runbook.

After going to the edit page, go to a specific step that you would like to add a condition to. On that step click the 'Conditions & scheduling' button.

This will put you into the conditions mode. From here you can add rules to specify when you would like this specific runbook step to run.

Let's say we want the"Create PagerDuty Incident" step above to only run when our incident has been acknowledged. We can create a rule for 'Current milestone is acknowledged'.

First we will click on 'Select' and then 'Current milestone'.

From there, we will get a list of all of the available milestones in the FireHydrant system. For now, we'll choose the milestone 'Acknowledged'.

After we make our selection our rule is added to the runbook step.

From here, we will now have the option to repeat the process by linking multiple sets of rules together with an AND statement to construct more complex logical rulesets for triggering incident automation.

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