The Slack integration is a great way to quickly open incidents and add information to them. Once you've installed the FireHydrant application in your Slack workspace by heading to the integrations page of your organizations settings, you'll be able to type /firehydrant {command} to use the bot.

To get a list of available commands, type /firehydrant help.

Basic Commands

To see a list of commands, you can run /firehydrant help, to see help for subcommands, run /firehydrant help new

Opening an Incident

/firehydrant new incident will open a new incident and set the channel the command is ran in as the incident channel. To name your channel, you can provide free text after new incident such as.

/firehydrant new incident My Incident Name would open a new incident with the name "My Incident Name".

Adding Notes and Milestones

/firehydrant add note The website is currently slow and we're investigating Adds a note with the given text after the command. You can also run a similar command with /firehydrant add milestone

Notify Other Channels

The FireHydrant Slack integration can also notify other channels of the current incident channel. Each channel will receive a message with basic information about the currently open incident.

/firehydrant notify #general #support

The #general and #support channels will receive notifications for the incident.

Closing Channels

To close an incident from an incident channel, run /firehydrant close incident and click "Confirm".

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